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DaedTech Digest: Serverless, Log Analysis ROI, and Some Static Analysis

Happy Friday, everybody, and welcome to another installment of the DaedTech digestLast week’s digest came after a frantic week of travel.  This week’s comes after an awesome week of San Diego.

I cannot overstate how much I think the future of knowledge work involves remoteness.  My wife and I run an agency where authors from all over the world produce content for clients all over the world.  But, beyond that, I’ve spent the week wandering around eating lobster tacos and jogging against this backdrop:

Your mileage may vary on how much transit you like and how much you might prefer settling in one place.  And you might really enjoy a lot of interpersonal human interaction.  But the allure of living and going where you want, when you want is powerful enough to shift the balance, I believe.

Anyway, I could evangelize for nomad lifestyle and remote work all day.  But instead, I’ll get to picks, and I won’t even pick remote work.


  • If you’re interested in location-independent entrepreneurship (as a beginner or seasoned pro), I’d check out the Tropical MBA (TMBA) podcast.  They’re in the process of trying to re-brand since the name makes them sound like hucksters, but don’t let the name fool you — the content is seriously good.
  •  Microsoft’s BizSpark program.  This is seriously awesome if you’re thinking of doing any kind of product thing.  You get 3 years of MSDN enterprise for free, provided that you’re actually serious about starting a product company (even as a side hustle) and that you want to use their software.  Their gambit?  That you start your business, get used to their stuff, and pay when you’re successful.  It’s a win-win.
  • I feel like kind of a band-wagoning dope, but I’ll pick Slack this week.  It’s trendy and it’s ubiquitous, but it’s also indispensable for running Hit Subscribe, and I’m pretty pleased with it.  Also, they have the best 404 page ever.
  • If you’re even in Ocean Beach, San Diego, go to the “Walking on Water Cafe” and get yourself a lobster taco.  There’s a pier that reaches out a long, long way into the ocean and, out near the end of it, there’s a little restaurant.  And they have lobster tacos for like $7.

DaedTech Digest

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6 years ago

Read the serverless one. Was a good read, but I was expecting more about cloud platform and/or Serverless (the tool for developing and deploying to Cloud platforms). Within that paradigm, you’d probably handle rate limits by caching a single image that your handler code gets from the 3rd party and serve that to everyone through the platform’s API service. You’d have many components but none of which run on your server – not even a virtual one that runs on the Could providers actual servers. PAAS is what I’m talking a out here. Wonder what the feature toggles would look… Read more »