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DaedTech Digest: Agile, Code Review Horror Stories, Test Smells

First of all, some housekeeping.  Back when I finally gave Disqus the boot, it reverted comment settings to WordPress’s defaults.  One of these was, apparently, to turn off comments after 28 days.

Sorry about that.

Backlink spammers notwithstanding, I welcome comments on posts new and ancient.  So I want to be clear that I did not do this intentionally.

Alright, now, back to business.  I’m bringing you the second installment of the DaedTech digest wherein I aggregate some of my posts instead of cross posting.  The feedback on this format has, so far, been positive, inasmuch as I’ve gotten it.  So let me know if you have thoughts one way or the other.

This is part of a pivot that I’m planning with DaedTech, for which I’m currently ideating a bit on a mission statement for the blog.  I’m thinking at the moment that the mission, going forward, will be “helping software developers become the boss of their software development.”  This could include opportunist plays to earn promotions in the office as well as help with side hustles and going free agent.

And Now, the Digest

But, I digress.  Onto the digest.  Note that these posts are ones that I wrote some time back.  I’m doing beefed up digests to catch up, and then I’ll start linking you to the various posts I’ve written for clients during the week.

Anyway, I think that 5 a week should eventually get us current.  But, if not, I’ll crank up the juice on these.  Man, putting these together, I realize that I write a LOT of blog posts.  I guess it’s no accident that I wound up founding a blogging business.