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Who I Am

Hi, I’m Erik.

If you came here looking to be dazzled by an impressive business-y description that includes words like “proactive,” then you should probably check out my LinkedIn profile.  That seems like a good place to leave a record of obligatory corporate bluster for posterity.  But, I figure that this is my site, so I’m entitled to an “about” section that reads like one human talking to another one.

There’s an irony to how this page has changed over the years.  In the early days, when I first made this site, I pluralized everything to make DaedTech sound like it was an impressive army of consultants.  “We offer this” and “we can do that.”  As I started doing more business, I ditched the royal we.  The list of accolades, achievements, and words like “proactive” stayed for a long time.  But not anymore.  I do more business than ever, work with more clients than ever, hire out work, and, ironically, feel less compelled than ever to dress it up.

I’m not saying all of this to cultivate a faux air of “aw shucks” humility as part of a shtick.  I work hard, deliver on my promises, and would be happy to supply you with references and accomplishments.  I’m proud of what I do, and it’s because of that pride that I don’t feel the need to put a bow on anything.  If I’m fortunate enough to partner with you on something, I feel it’s important that your first impression of me here be nothing more and nothing less than the rest of your impressions of me will be.

What I Do

I’ve written a lot of software over the years, having walked the standard advancement track for a software developer from “Software Engineer” on up to “CIO.”  After that, I went into business for myself full time, remaining in and around the business of software development.  I’ve written a lot of different kinds of software across a lot of different domains and in a lot of different languages.  I’ve been a team member, team leader, architect, consultant, manager, and tech executive.  And I’ve had a lot of fun doing it!

These days, I don’t generally do paid application development (I just do it for fun, teaching, and entrepreneurial purposes).  Instead, I’m focused on a number of related things.  I’ve been doing a lot of IT management and strategy consulting and software craftsmanship coaching of late, both of which often boil down to gap analysis of delivery teams, followed by strategic solutions that make the people on them able to work more effectively.  I’ve taken to helping a number of software product organizations with their blogging and copy in an evangelism/content marketing consultant capacity, which I’m actually really enjoying.  And finally, I’m generating a lot of content: Pluralsight courses, books, video series, and a few other things that I’ll announce soon.


So, thanks for stopping by. If you’re interested in the content I create, please explore the blog and the products page. If you’re interested in asking me about any kind of software development or consulting, please take a look at my services page.

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