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DaedTech Digest: Code Quality, CI, Agile for Remote Teams

Happy Friday, everybody.  Time for another installment of the DaedTech Digest.  For those of you that haven’t seen these, it’s a round-up of five or six posts that I’ve written for other blogs.  And, on top of those, I also do “picks” ala many podcasts.

It’s been a wild and crazy week for me.  I wrote last week’s digest post from a hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas.  This week’s I’m writing from an AirBNB in San Diego, about 1,600 miles away.  Now, going from one city to another over the span of a week isn’t generally especially impressive.  But the catch here is that I did it by driving, hauling luggage, my wife, and my cats on an expedition to relocate for the winter until things get more pleasant in Michigan.

So it’s been an eventful week of sightseeing and driving.  But I haven’t let that stop me from getting back on track with DaedTech posts.


  • I don’t think I’ve done it as a pick before, so I’m going to throw The Four Hour Work Week out there.  Given that this book was one of the main sources of inspiration for our “relocate whenever we feel like” lifestyle, it seems appropriate.
  • A few nights ago, we stopped in El Paso, Texas and had a flight and some cactus tacos at the El Paso Brewing Company.  It’s a small brewery, but if you like craft beers, I highly recommend it.  They had a double IPA that was unlike anything I’ve ever tasted.
  • Speaking of travel, I’ll pick Marriott hotels.  Each of the last 4 years, I’ve spent 100+ nights in them, so I’ve obviously got a bit of experience.  Hard to beat the consistency and nice perks that are universal to any of their properties.
  • Mazapan.  This stuff is delicious.  If you can find it, get yourself some.

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