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Reader Question Round-Up: APIs, Your Own Business, and Discrimination

I seem to have settled into a pattern of alternating between video round-ups and written posts.  And, I’m good with that.

So let’s follow that pattern once again.

Over the weekend, I posed another Youtube video where I answered four more reader questions.  Here are those questions, as sort of a teaser.

  1. 00:01:14 Should you treat all of your code like an API?
  2. 00:03:21 How do you make sure everything you’re doing is legal when you start your new business?
  3. 00:07:06 What do you do when someone wants to invest in what you’re doing or buy you out?
  4. 00:11:53 What do you think of that Google Manifesto guy, James Damore?

Those timed links will take you to the specific question in the video.  But, you could always just watch the whole thing below.

Also, a quick thank you to those of you sending me new questions these days, and to those of you patient enough to wait for answers to old ones.  I was definitely remiss in my response time to these when I wanted to do a blog post for every question.

But I think this new format is helping encourage me to produce more response content and to get them answered more quickly.  And that, in turn, is leading to a new influx of questions.

Keep ’em coming!

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4 years ago

I think with the Damore case it’s interesting to actually read the paper he wrote. He explored explanations for different representation of women in tech in accordance with scientific findings, he had references and everything, including recommendations how to make the work more attractive to women. The media spun it so that it was an anti-diversity manifesto and some kinda proved his point in that the tech sector is very much an echo chamber. Of course it was absolutely naive of him to believe he’s not gonna get fired for writing that paper though if you look at and listen… Read more »

Erik Dietrich
4 years ago
Reply to  Nils

I admittedly did not then or now read what he actually wrote. I suppose perhaps I should have, for journalistic integrity or what have you. But, on the flip side, that was my opinion, such as it was, as requested.

It seems like if he wanted to write a sourced, anthropological paper, maybe he’s in the wrong line of work…? Dunno.

4 years ago
Reply to  Erik Dietrich

Most journalists didn’t read it either though it didn’t stop them from raking the guy through the mud very thoroughly because this is an issue that’s highly politically charged. The guy is sort of an idealist, Google asked how to make the company more diverse, he thought they were sincere (he also bought into a lot of their other bullshit) and gave his answers, then got into trouble for it. As far as leaving the anthropology to the experts, I think the same can be said to the HR people who try to bring in more diversity while being ignorant… Read more »