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Happy Thanksgiving, 2015!

For me and for readers in the US, today is Thanksgiving.  So instead of working and writing a DaedTech post, I’m going to be watching football, eating, and relaxing with family.  I suppose I could publish one of my drafts that was written for another blog, but a significant chunk of my audience is going to be spending the weekend with family and not reading technical blogs.  So, I’ll just hold off on a post until next Monday.

For those not in the US, have a good weekend.  For those in the US, have a happy Thanksgiving, and a good long weekend.  Try not to eat too much or kill anyone while shopping on Friday morning.  (Better yet, stay home on Friday morning).  For everyone’s enjoyment, here is a picture of a turkey that my wife drew.


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8 years ago

🙂 good choice.

And by the way, thank you! Thanks for your posts about developer culture and how to deal with employers/customers as a developer. I’ve greatly enjoyed them over this last year and they have improved my ability to think about my career.

Erik Dietrich
8 years ago
Reply to  TehShrike

Glad to hear it, and thanks for the feedback!