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DaedTech Now Brought to You Over SSL

I’ve had an item on DaedTech’s Trello board for a good, long time now.  Switch over to using SSL.  And, fear not those of you who enjoy this blog!  You can now browse confidently, without worrying that some impostor is feeding you misinformation about expert beginners, journeyman idealists, and other random neologisms that come out of my twisted mind.  Take that, internet evildoers.  I can almost sense everyone’s relief from here.

What Does This Actually Mean?

I started to call this header, “How SSL works,” but I got bored before I even finished typing that sentence fragment.  You can read a primer about it, if you’re so inclined.

The 10,000 foot explanation is that it’s a mechanism for making your browsing a private conversation between you and DaedTech.  For instance, say that you were sitting in an airport a week ago, and you browsed to my blog.  Your HTTP request and DaedTech’s response would happen in plain text.  Anyone else in the airport sufficiently motivated to do so could eavesdrop on the back end forth and even execute a man in the middle attack.  As I said before, they could have deliberately fed you misinformation about expert beginners.

Or, perhaps more importantly, they could eavesdrop on your credentials if you had an account on my blog.  That’s really the idea of SSL — it aims to make communication private and not subject to these sorts of interposition and alteration schemes.  By installing SSL on my site, I have now prevented that from happening.  When you browse DaedTech, you now do so over HTTPS, all communication encrypted and my SSL certification verified.  This latter concern means an outside agency says, “you can believe that this is DaedTech and not an impostor.”

Contrary to the green locks and the “secure” wording in the URL bars, however, this does necessarily mean “you’re all good.”  Scott Hanselman summed this up well in a tweet.

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Developer Hegemony in More Bookstores

A few weeks ago, I officially launched my book, Developer Hegemony, on Amazon.  It went well!  For a while, the book was the #3 best seller in the “workplace” category.  It has, not surprisingly, cooled off since launch week, but it continues to sell in both bookstores (Amazon and Leanpub).

Many people asked me about launching the book in other stores and via other media.  Most commonly, I fielded requests about iTunes and an audio book.  Well, I would still like to do the audio book, but I’m not planning anything for that in the immediate term.  On the other hand, I can deliver on iTunes and some others besides.

You can now purchase Developer Hegemony in the following other bookstores.

So for any of you that have waited for this release, I’m pleased to announce that you can now get the book.  And, of course, you can continue to purchase it on Amazon.  In fact, if you want a paperback copy, Amazon is the only store that provides that option.

Developer Hegemony Beyond the Bookstores

I find it interesting to have the book out there in bookstores.  I wrote it on Leanpub and it occupied evenings and weekends for a couple of years.  And, while I finished writing it some months ago, the pre-launch preparation consumed my spring.  I’ve lived with the book as a huge part of my life, and now it’s done and out there in the wild.

I find that satisfying, and I enjoy the accomplishment.  But I don’t just want to leave it there and call it a day.

So I’m thinking about what I can do to help further the vision in the book.  And, over the coming months and years, I plan to produce related content at the very least.  I did create a Developer Hegemony Facebook group, and I welcome you to join that and offer feedback or discussion points for what sort of content you’d like to see.

Upcoming Content

What kind of content?  Well, I’m going to start reasonably small and take it from there.

My wife and I have started a business helping developer tools and training companies with content tech marketing (i.e. blogging).  As we set that business up, I’ve started recording video of what I do in the hopes that it will help others.  How do you incorporate?  How do you get an EIN?  That kind of thing.

So as we get business operations going in earnest, look for that type of content on my Youtube channel.  From there, I may start formalizing some of that into lessons available for purchase in some format.  But I want to figure out and confirm the value proposition before trying to sell anyone.  All of this falls under the general heading of helping software developers become the people in charge of the software development industry.

And as for other books, I’d definitely say to stay tuned for that.  I have an itch for writing books now, and I think it’ll be hard to keep me from doing more of it in the future.  I’m not sure just what I’ll cover yet or when, but I do continue to enjoy writing.  And I hope that all of you continue to enjoy reading.  As always, I thank you for all of the support.


What’s Next: Epilogue of a Book Launch

Yesterday, I launched a book.  I went back through my email and my history with Leanpub to find out exactly when I started writing the book.  It turns out, I created Developer Hegemony on Leanpub on May 2nd, 2015.  So with completely unplanned symmetry, I launched the book exactly 2 years after starting.

The launch went as well as I could have hoped.  Many thanks to all of you that tweeted, shared, purchased, reviewed, and just generally offered kind words and support.  We ended day 1 with Developer Hegemony ranked in the top 50 in 3 different categories.

Not too shabby for something written on Leanpub and self-published!

But, as launch day becomes launch week and (hopefully) sales continue at a brisk pace, I’ve started to think about what comes next.


For my part, I’ve spent the last few years doing a combination of training developers, assessing codebases, and doing IT management consulting.  As you might imagine, this combination of activities led to a lot of time at client sites, and a lot of time on the road.

So these years have seen me traveling and working with clients by day.  And then, by night, I wrote blog posts and a book in hotel rooms.   I got a lot done.

But this gets to be a grind after a while.  I can work all day and then also work in the evenings.  In fact, I’ve done that for years.  But, add to that 10+ hours per week of travel, constant packing and unpacking, cramming all bills and chores into tight windows of time, and tons of other little considerations, and you wind up needing a break.

Last Friday, I wrapped an extended travel engagement and came home.  This morning, I launched a book 2 years in the works.  Starting tomorrow, I have no book in the works and no plans to do traveling, open-ended, hourly consulting.

Instead, I’m going to start making some changes, and doing new, different things.  I’m going to have different sets of priorities and new activities that focus on building businesses instead of just doing hourly labor.  As I’ve heard others say, I’m looking to get away from simply trading hours for dollars.

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Developer Hegemony: It’s a Wrap (And Check out the Covers)!

I think I started the initial writing of this book in the summer of 2015.  Then I spent the next year and a half or so writing it in my relatively limited spare time.

Some of this happened piled on top of 50+ hour weeks, by the fluorescent glow of a hotel room light.   Other times it was weekends at home.  But, wherever I found the time, I did my best to keep trucking.  I had a lot of fun doing it, but I have to say it proved a monumental undertaking.

A couple of weeks ago, I completed the initial draft of the book.  Just last night, I published the last significant draft (editing of the last quarter of the book still pending) to Leanpub.  Any subsequent publishes will come as a result of edits and not additions.  So, that’s it.

Thanks to all of the people that have purchased the book or have followed along as I’ve written it!

What Now?

Now, we enter the planning stage, in preparation for a real, no-foolin’ book launch.  We have yet to pick a date yet, but it looks like probably sometime in April.  Still a lot of work to do.

A few quick bullets to note.

  • The book now has a page on my site, here.  I’ll update this as I go, but this represents the ‘official’ Developer Hegemony site.  Look, developerhegemony.com links there, too!
  • I have likewise created a landing page to visit after reading the book.  Around the same time that I launch the book, I’m planning to shift my professional focus to move away from time for money consulting and toward content and productized services.  As part of this, I plan to start offering material on how to hack your corporate career, engineer a safe escape, and move toward more autonomy in life.  That call to action page for after reading will evolve to reflect my progress.
  • I have created a Facebook group for anyone willing to participate in the launch.  If you want to help, I would be much obliged!  Helping should prove pretty easy.  I’m looking for people, on launch day, to either purchase the book, leave me an Amazon review, or just spread the word via social media.  I’m already grateful for your visits to the site and reading of the blog, so no pressure at all.
  • If you want to see updates on the launch, I’ll probably keep you informed on my blog, but signing up for my mailing list or the Facebook group will ensure you receive updates when it goes live.
  • And one last thing.  I need your help picking a cover — please participate!

The Candidate Covers

One Last Thing

Oh, and if you want a sample of the book, you can do it by signing up for the mailing list using the form here.

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Reputation Suicide, and Why I’m Quitting Disqus

I’m going to be switching comment engines soon.  Right now, I use disqus, but I received the email below from them recently.  The email served as the last straw for me with disqus.

This, in and of itself, might not seem overly objectionable.  Sure, it insults the intelligence of anyone reading, but that’s hardly unique.  So let me take you on a brief journey to demonstrate why I find them signing their emails “Disqus Publisher Success” to be a big, fat, middle finger of irony.

Disqus: Comments in Exchange for Disqusting Ads

Years ago, I grew tired of fighting the good fight against comment spam.  I installed a handful of WordPress plugins that aimed to curtail the spam, but as my popularity with readers grew, so too did my popularity with people peddling mail order brides.  I can recall the endless annoyance I felt at waking up to see that someone had sneaked past the spam filters to pepper my comment section at 3:46 AM.

And then I found Disqus.  I recall hesitating at first because it replaced the standard comment section instead of just working with it.  But, at wits end, I signed on anyway.  And I felt happy because it pretty much solved my spam problem.  It also added some cool features around promoting my blog in other places, and authenticating commenters.  Awesome!

I also saw that I could make a bit of money with ads if I so chose.  At the time, I had no interest in monetizing my blog and I didn’t care for the ads, so I passed.  As you can see if you look to the right, I have no qualms about ads.  I’d just want them relevant to my readers and tasteful.

So imagine my surprise a few years later, when I learned that disqus had, at some point unknown to me, turned them back on as part of some update.  My readers at the time found themselves treated to things like this.

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