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Announcing Disqus for DaedTech

I just wanted to post a note to say that I’m switching from the default WordPress commenting system to using Disqus. So, if you’ve made comments in the past and don’t see them now, that’s because Disqus is in the process of importing all non-Disqus comments stored on my server. Hopefully comments will re-appear at some point in the next day or so.

If you have any problems with the new system, please feel free to email me or to post a comment here.


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Dan Martin
12 years ago

Nice. I think you’ll like disqus a lot. I haven’t had any issues with it yet on my site, then again I don’t get too many comments.

Erik Dietrich
Erik Dietrich
12 years ago
Reply to  Dan Martin

I definitely like the interface and appearance.  I think the rest is just a matter of getting used to it and configuring settings (for instance, I didn’t get an email that you had commented, and I’m used to that).

Edit: Almost as soon as I posted this comment, I got an email. I guess there’s just a bit of a delay.