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Announcement for RSS Subscribers: Switching Subscription Service

I am going to be switching services for RSS and content update notifications. Up until now, I’ve been using feedburner, which is a free service that has been around since I believe 2004 or so and was bought out by google in 2007. Since that acquisition, its best feature is that it is free. This is offset somewhat by pretty flaky statistics of subscriber counts and occasional burps in performance and function. However, a big drawback is that it seems as though google might kill the service. Making matters worse is the fact that google has done exactly nothing to illuminate the issue one way or the other, playing it close to the vest. “Don’t be evil, but you can be a little shady if you want.”

Other bloggers seem to be doing the same and a feedburner bug starting yesterday telling all users that we’ve lost all of our subscribers is turning the trickle of departing feedburner users into an exodus. Well one of my philosophies in life is that I like to depend as little as possible on other people and things, especially shady people and things. So, I am going to be hopping on that bandwagon and switching to FeedBlitz effective today or tomorrow (allowing enough time for this one last post to be sent out via feedburner). The good news is that this new service apparently allows readers to subscribe to posts through other media, such as receiving a tweet or a facebook/google-plus post rather than the traditional email or RSS notification. Progress and all that.

I have already created my FeedBlitz account and the migration guide from feedburner to this new service assures me that not one subscription will be interrupted… but, if your subscription is interrupted, that’s why. I intend to have a post Sunday night or Monday morning and if you don’t see something by then and want to continue reading, you may need to resubscribe through your RSS reader. Thanks for reading and for your patience!

Update: If you are subscribed directly to the Feedburner URL for the blog or for comments, please re-subscribe using the buttons on the right. These will automatically redirect you to the new, current FeedBlitz feed and you can delete your old subscription. If you are subscribed through my site directly, you need not do anything. Feel free to email/comment if you aren’t sure.

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Rebecca Caroe
Rebecca Caroe
11 years ago

Thanks for sharing this with us. I work for FeedBlitz and want to reassure you that we will give you our best service.

Lavish Treats
11 years ago

I’ve seen a lot of people making the move to FeedBlitz, but with the thousands of subscribers we have, I just can’t justify the monthly cost! Do we know for sure that Feedburner is going away?

Erik Dietrich
Erik Dietrich
11 years ago
Reply to  Lavish Treats

I don’t know that for sure at all. To the best of my knowledge, Google continues to be mum about what they plan to do with Feedburner. I wish I could offer better advice — for me it was a no-brainer since I more or less only have RSS subscribers rather than email subscribers. It’s the latter kind that costs you money with FeedBlitz. My bill is less than $1 per month (base cost for email, and RSS management is free)

Dan Martin
11 years ago

Thanks for the heads up. A lot of web sites are making the transition lately. I suppose I should look into doing the same.