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DaedTech Digest: Christmas Edition

This is the last DaedTech digest before Christmas, which reminds me to wish all of you reading a Merry Christmas!  And, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then Merry Random Day off Work.

If you look at the dates of things in the digest section, you’ll see that they’re typically older posts.  My goal is to work my way gradually to getting current and then eventually to link to stuff I’ve written within the last week.  Like all things in life, it’s a process.

Anyway, I asked Amanda to draw a Santa Claus for the Christmas edition of the digest, and she obliged.  So here’s that to help make your life more festive.


  • For you Developer Hegemony fans, the Ditching Hourly podcast featured a textbook example of an efficiencer.  This guy decided that he was going to make his specialty helping dev shops save money on their AWS bills.
  • I’ve come to really love Alexa, and I’ve always loved home automation, so I pick this.  I have an Echo and a Dot and also a bunch of smart bulbs, a Wink Hub, and a Nest.  The result?  I can say “Alexa, turn master bedroom light on” and that actually happens.  It’s not quite the same as wiring a bunch of X10 stuff up and turning a Raspberry Pi into a home automation rest endpoint, but, since I no longer have time for that, it makes a good stand in.
  • Speaking of Raspberry Pis, REST, and home automation, if you’re a more recent reader, you might not know that I once did a home automation course for Pluralsight.
  • We’re heading out of southern Mississippi in a couple of days, but during the 5 weeks we spent here, we’ve enjoyed a variety of beers from the Lazy Magnolia Brewery.  If you’re ever here (or see them in stores near you), it’s tasty stuff.

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