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Read how we can do better than the current corporate model:
  • Learn the nature of the game. You've seen it for yourself, and now it's confirmed—the pyramid-shaped corporation is far less than the sum of its parts
  • Learn the history of the game. When you realize how corporations evolved, it will make you wonder why so little innovation has taken place over time
  • Learn how to win the game. It's a lonely road to the top, especially if you're cutting in line, but that road is charted here if you choose it
  • Learn how to stop playing games. Get real steps that you can take now to free yourself from the bad deal of corporate employment

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It’s been said that software is eating the planet. The modern economy—the world itself—relies on technology. Demand for the people who can produce it far outweighs the supply. So why do developers occupy largely subordinate roles in the corporate structure?

Developer Hegemony explores the past, present, and future of the corporation and what it means for developers. While it outlines problems with the modern corporate structure, it’s ultimately a play-by-play of how to leave the corporate carnival and control your own destiny. And it’s an emboldening, specific vision of what software development looks like in the world of developer hegemony—one where developers band together into partner firms of “efficiencers,” finally able to command the pay, respect, and freedom that’s earned by solving problems no one else can.

Developers, if you grow tired of being treated like geeks who can only be trusted to take orders and churn out code, consider this your call to arms. Bring about the autonomous future that’s rightfully yours. It’s time for developer hegemony.


The corporate world has become so utterly, irrevocably dependent on ever-increasing efficiency that it absolutely cannot live without what we provide. If we now alter the terms under which we furnish that efficiency, no one is in any position to argue...Is someone being sued in a position to demand that an attorney fill out a TPS report? Is a sick person in a position to order his doctor to participate in a daily status call?

Is a company whose service delivery costs more than it makes them in a position to demand these things of us?

In the Book, You Will Discover:


Learn about three types of players found in corporations: what they want, how they interact, and what is taken from them by our current system


Discover the history of corporations and see how much--or rather how little--has changed in the last century


Get a play-by-play on how to secure a meteoric rise within the company, but understand why what is taken from you may be greater than what you gain by climbing the corporate ladder


Peer into the future of development, where programmers understand that they can walk away from the bad deal that is corporate employment, and learn how to chart your own path down this course starting today

What People Are Saying

“I couldn't put it down and felt like the wool was being lifted from my eyes.”

--Brian Benson​

Ondřej Mirtes,

“Developer Hegemony made me realize my market value and capitalize on it even before I finished reading the book. It's for everyone that isn't quite satisfied with their corporate job and offers alternatives how to make a living as a software developer without switching from their technical career to a managerial one.”

Mark Johnston,
"Aspiring Opportunist"

"I'm seeing life very differently, thanks to your insights. I have no doubt there will be some changes in my future."

Brian Benson,
Software Developer Turned Consultant

“I couldn't put it down, and felt like the wool was being lifted from my eyes. I really enjoyed it!

Matt Netkow,
Software Developer Consultant

“Erik lays out a difficult-to-digest truth in Developer Hegemony: we will never reach our full potential by following the traditional corporate path. Programmers will never call the shots or have the same respect as their business-minded peers. Fortunately, there's a way forward - from Idealist, to Pragmatist, to Opportunist. I'll be sending copies to every developer I know!

About the Author

Erik Dietrich is the founder of DaedTech LLC.  He earned his BS in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University and his MS in the same from University of Illinois.

 Though he has been a developer, architect, executive, and IT management consultant over the course of his career, Erik's current favorite thing to do is to create content that empowers software developers.

​Don't settle for less than you deserve

because, as a developer, you hold all the cards.

Pick up Developer Hegemony and take the first step toward opting out of a system that holds you back.

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