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Welcome to DaedTech: Status Quo Busting & Realpolitik Career Advice

Hi, I’m Erik.  You can read more about me on my about page, if you’re so inclined.  I’m a career-long programmer, sometimes manager/executive, erstwhile consultant, and current hermit.

One thing I don’t mention there, explicitly, is that I have a strong set of opinions about the world of software and the software developer’s place in that world.  I think that software developers can and should be the bosses of the software development industry.

And I write a lot about how to get there.

I think of this as “developer populism,” and if this appeals to you, then read on.

You are, of course, welcome to poke around my blog and site as you will.  But I’ve curated some content here that I think you might enjoy if you’re new here.  Think of this as a “start here” guide.

Important DaedTech Posts

First of all, here are some posts I think you might like.  You could always check out the popular posts widget over to the right of the blog’s text.

That’s essentially what the wide body of DaedTech readers think is most worth checking out.  And perhaps they’re right.  But think of this as editorial picks.  Here are the posts that I feel represent DaedTech and the Developer Hegemony philosophy.

My Books/Products/External Stuff To Check Out

That should be plenty to get you started on DaedTech posts.  But if you want some things of mine to check out even beyond this site, here’s some additional links.

I Run a Side Hustle Email List, Focused on Ways to Get Work with Dignity

I recently wrote a blog post about this, so you can check it out for more detail.  But the short form is that my content business, Hit Subscribe, is happy to source work from my audience here.

If you’d like to write a paid blog post, just reach out.  Instead of tricking you with riddles or giving you weird interview questions, or whatever, we’ll just ask you if you’re up for writing it and believe you when you tell us.

Toward that end, we have a mailing list that anyone can sign up for.  We send out an email once a week with available side hustle opportunities through Hit Subscribe, and also through anyone else I know that wants to source work and do so in a dignified way.

You can sign up for that mailing list here if you’re curious — no obligation whatsoever, and emails each Thursday only.

So thanks for stopping by!

Hopefully you find some stuff here that you like.  And remember to subscribe to the RSS feed.  I generally publish new content once a week, sometimes in video and sometimes written.

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