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Reader Question Round-Up: Getting into Management, the Value of Consulting, and More

Ever since I started treating content creation as a hobby, I’ve been getting things out pretty consistently. Mostly, this has just meant doing stuff on weekends, for fun, rather than when I’m tired at midnight on a school night and feel obligated.

I suppose this means that my content production could vary seasonally or by the whims of my interest in other things. But for now, I’m just gonna roll with it.

For now, this means another video on the YouTube channel.  And another video on that channel means another digest post here.

However, if you like written content, do not despair!  I actually have a 4K word blog post ready to publish, and will probably push that whale out into the world next week.


  • I recently got my hands on a wireless charger for my phone (affiliate link, if you want to buy me a stick of gum), and there’s no going back. Sticking a USB cord into my phone now seems barbaric.
  • I’ve been cooking everything in a crock pot lately, and I forgot how great that is. So if you have a cooking bone in your body (or even if you don’t), dust off the old crock pot and appreciate the joys of a dinner that cooks itself for you over many hours.
  • I’m going to throw a pick to jogging on a treadmill. I’ve been running outside for the last few years, but recently moved things indoors, and it’s great. I can read my kindle while running, and that’s hard to argue with.

The Digest

  • This was a post on DaedTech originally, but I recently syndicated it over to dev.to.  It was my advice to tell pleasant lies during your exit interview, and it generated more discussion over there than I have time to keep up with.  Wade in and duke it out in the comments, if you’re so inclined.
  • Here’s a Facebook Live that Amanda and I did a while ago, on the subject of “how do you write good blog posts?”

And, finally here’s the video.