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DaedTech Digest: Proving That Singletons Hurt You and More

Another week, another DaedTech digest post.  It’s been a tiring, but productive week for me.

I did a Q&A and talk for the Developer on Fire Remote conference, had a whole bunch of meetings with our Hit Subscribe clients, and did a bit of R&D for my codebase assessment practice.  Oh, and on top of all of that, I tried here and there to get out a little and enjoy San Diego, where I’m spending the winter.  Oh, and I slept a little, but not much.

My wife, Amanda, and I have an extremely mobile, location-independent lifestyle.  For the most part, this is insanely awesome, and I’d recommend it for anyone.  But every now and then, the basics of life, like haircuts, healthcare providers, and pet logistics can get… interesting.  So sprinkle some of those logistics on top of an already-hectic week, and you get me, ready for a beer, a hammock, and a nap.


  • Ultimello is a chrome plugin that gives you interesting capabilities for Trello, such as column card counts and the ability to sort in a lot of different ways.
  • If you’ve never read it, check out Getting Things Done, by David Allen.  Strategies for managing your to-do list, inbox, and not feeling like you’re forgetting something.
  • In San Diego’s Ocean Beach (OB), on Wednesday nights, they have the Ocean Beach Farmers Market, which features awesome produce, but also an unbelievable number of food and craft vendors with great stuff.

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