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DaedTech Digest: Migrating East, LCOM, Regex, and Legacy Code

Another end to another week.  At least, depending on your penchant for wrapping up weeks early or working weekends or something non-traditional.  But however traditional you may be or not, you’re still getting a DaedTech digest right on time.

For those of you that don’t yet know the drill, here’s how this works.  Each Friday, I talk about random stuff a bit.  Then I treat you to some picks of mine, plus five or six blog posts I’ve written at some point for other blogs.  Because I’m so chatty via the spoken word that not only do I post three times per week here, but I also do a bunch of posts for Hit Subscribe clients besides.

As I type this, I have about a week left in San Diego, for those of you interested in our nomadic traipsing around the country.  For the last couple of months, I’ve looked out my back window at this every night as the sun sets.

Seriously, this is the view we have of the sun setting over the Pacific every night, from our couch.

But we’ve only got about 6 of those left before we pack up and head for Phoenix.  What’s in Phoenix, you might ask, besides cactus and desert?  Nothing but… Cubs Spring Training, that’s what!  We’re going to spend a couple of weeks watching baseball games live most nights, which makes me very happy.

So that’s all I’ve got for now on the nomad front.  Let’s do some picks.


  • If you have any interest in lifestyle businesses, entrepreneurship, side hustles, and location independence, give the Tropical MBA a subscribe.  It’s a really interesting podcast.
  • This seems maybe a little lame, but I’d like to throw one out there for the Fifth Third Bank mobile app.  Sticking with the nomad theme, I’m on the road a lot, running finances for multiple businesses, which gives me a lot of occasions to deposit checks with the phone app.  And Fifth Third’s app is next level for its check deposit feature.  I just point the phone vaguely at the check and it somehow automatically centers it, zooms in properly, and uses flash or not, as needed.
  • I’ve been reading something called the Broken Empire trilogy, which starts with this book, Prince of Thorns.  It’s a little… over the top at first.  But if you stick with it for several chapters it becomes this sort of gritty, surreal page turner.
  • Finally, I pick blood oranges.  I absolutely love their abundance here in Southern California and will really miss them when we go.

The Digest

Have a good weekend, all, and thanks for reading!

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6 years ago

Broken Empire is a lovely read. It’s a fun little universe in their

Neeraj Kumar
6 years ago

BDD Tools in the .Net world is really cool. However I use rspec and cucumber and capybara for my ruby and rails projects.

Erik Dietrich
Erik Dietrich
6 years ago
Reply to  Neeraj Kumar

I have a bit of familiarity with the Ruby tool set from reviewing code a long time ago. I remember liking RSpec.