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DaedTech Digest: Here We Are in Austin

In last week’s digest, I chronicled our packing for Austin, and I described how packing for several months is different from packing for one month.  Now, here I am, a week older and wiser, and relocated as planned to Austin, Texas.

Slow travel is always interesting.  There’s a fair bit of prep in selecting the place, packing, and traveling, even when this becomes old hat.  You choose carefully, ask questions of your prospective landlord, spend a lot of time packing and even more time traveling.

And then you arrive.

On arrival, you’re always hoping that the place is, well, good.  Your prep, the description, and the pictures can only show you so much.  Imagine the house buying process, but if you couldn’t ask for a showing and just had to buy based on the pictures.

That’s what it’s like showing up in your new place.  Will it be clean?  Do all of the rooms look like you’d envisioned?  Did the pictures do it justice?  Will it have a certain je ne se quoi?

Luckily for us, the answer to all of that has been positive.  We arrived on Sunday, and made ourselves at home in a spacious home in the woods and on a lake, but still in the city of Austin.

And if the location, the creature comforts, and the warm winter weather weren’t enough, check out this photo we snapped during an evening walk the other day.  This is pretty country.


  • I recently acquired a Xenvo Squidgrip tripod to help us with our recording of Facebook Lives and Youtube videos.  If you’re looking for a tripod to hold your phone, it’s definitely worth a look.
  • I’ll follow suit with another consumer good in the form of the Roku.  We’ve been hauling this little companion with us on every one of our vagabonding adventures, and it’s nice to have access to Netflix, Prime Movies, TV channels and more, all with a thing that has a remote and fits in a laptop bag.
  • Last up, I’m going to pick work life balance.  Seriously.  I threaten this a lot and often fail.  But I took the holidays off and have been mostly knocking off work in the early evening since then, and I feel much more productive when I am working.

The Digest

Another relatively light week with content, as I haven’t been focused on this of late.

  • Here’s a Facebook live in which I interview Amanda and Angela, Hit Subscribe’s director of finance and operations, about Thanksgiving traditions.
  • And, here’s another Facebook live, where we talk about running the business in the face of various, sometimes weird, forms of adversity.
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Mike Loux
Mike Loux
5 years ago

Welcome to Central Texas! The weather, as of late, has been absolutely fantastic. Your timing is impeccable. 🙂