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DaedTech Digest: Facebook, Dev Tools Bundles and Culture

Happy Digest Friday, readers!  As the US lurches toward an inflection point on the “I can’t believe this is necessary” subject of how not to regularly gun down its own children, I’ve been heads down dealing with logistics.  My own issues seem downright petty next to that one, but nevertheless they’re mine, and I’ve had to deal with them.

As mentioned last Friday, I’ve navigated the back end of the site migration which, hopefully, is resulting in a much better browsing experience for all of you.  Traffic is way up and Moz is reporting no more 5xx errors, so something must be going well.  Besides that, I’ve booked some short term travel (Rosarito this weekend and possibly Detroit next week) as well as our next extended stay after San Diego: Phoenix, AZ.  Oh, and also, you know, the regular business of running businesses.

But even with a lot going on and several 12+ hour workdays this week, we did manage to sneak in another opportunity to enjoy the incredible San Diego scenery.  Here’s the view from only partway up Cowles Mountain.  You can see the downtown area off to the right and Mexico to the left.

The digital nomad life certainly has its perks.  Anyway, let’s do some picks and posts.


  • First up, I threw together a small update to our codebase assessment business’s site.  It’s very much a work in progress, but it’s coming along thanks, in part, to Librestock, which is my pick.  If you need free, no strings attached photos, they’re pretty awesome.
  • For Hit Subscribe, I’ve been working on a little application to manage gathering performance metrics for blogs and to manage posts.  As part of this, I need to make use of the Trello API from a C# codebase.  If you need to do this, give Manatee.Trello a look.  It wraps the Trello API in a discoverable domain model that’ll make you think “Linq to Trello.”
  • My final pick is the professional and talented crew of authors we’ve assembled at Hit Subscribe.  I’m writing only a fraction of the client blog posts now, and focusing on building the business, because they’re doing as well as or better than I could do myself.  If you’re looking for good reading material, give them a follow!

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Have a good weekend, all!