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Reader Question Round-Up: Value of Consulting, Salesforce, Career Advice

I’ve been doing a pretty good job so far in 2020 when it comes to weekly content. And so here I am, today, keeping that dream alive.

I recorded a video last week and set it to auto-publish this morning. So I’m going to do a digest post for it.

This is going to be pretty bare bones, though. Amanda and I are traveling this week and are in the Bay area.  I’ve been meeting with clients for the last couple of days, and now we’re settled into the Oakland City Center Marriott for DeveloperWeek, which I’ll be attending to see talks and meet people.

If you’re interested in the goings-on there at all, I plan to do an experiment in live-blogging the experience and some of the talks. So stay tuned here for more detail, or you can see what I’m doing on Twitter.


  • I was never really big on “appointment television” in the pre-DVR days. So because of this, tuning in every Sunday or whatever to watch a show would have made no sense when the Sopranos was on. But Amanda and I started watching it recently and I’ve been enjoying it.
  • We spent a night in Illinois before heading to O’Hare on Sunday morning, and my family took us out for dinner at Half Day Brewing — a brewery and restaurant in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. We had flights and food, and everything was incredible.
  • I’ve been re-listening to the E Myth Revisited (affiliate link, if you feel like buying me half a stick of gum), which is an excellent listen/read for anyone thinking of going freelance or starting a business.

The Digest

I’ll offer up a few videos I’ve done recently, but stay tuned for more content from me in the coming weeks. I haven’t really had time to do much outside of this blog and my YouTube channels.

And, finally, here’s the reader question round-up video: