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Reader Question Round-Up: School Side Hustles, Freelancing, and Who Writes the Code?

Alright, I had a recorded video in my back pocket for a bit.  So over the weekend, I edited it and published it as the 6th installment of the reader question round-up.

That’s posted below in a frame.

But followers of this blog may have noticed that I’ve taken a hiatus from doing slow-travel themed digest posts.  We’re currently staying at a house we own for the summer, which means that I’m not slow traveling.  And the well of questions that folks ask me has run dry, besides.

If you’d like to see more of these, by means, ask questions and let me know.  But I’m going to interpret the lack of questions about it as a lack of immediate interest.

Still, this leaves the digests out.  And, I figure readers of my blog and consumers of my content might have interest in where else I create content.  So I’m going to do the digests and picks along with my reader question round-ups now.


  • I’ve been enjoying Prime Music a lot over the last few months.  If you’re thinking of getting Prime for the fast deliveries (or some other reason), this is another perk that you should factor into the mix.  There’s a lot of variety.
  • I created a profile on dev.to a while back and have recently been posting/syndicating content there.  I’m really enjoying the community in general, but I think I’ve already talked about that.  One thing you might not realize is that they have support for organizations, so if you have a business or work for one and would like to post content under its umbrella, you can do that.
  • And, finally, I’ve been using this tool, Tube Buddy, to help with creating Youtube videos and doing keyword research there.

The Digest

  • Here’s a live blog post I wrote for Sonatype during the Nexus Users Conference.  The talk was about Nexus Firewall and defending against open source as a vector for security problems.
  • We recorded a Facebook Live video a while back about what it’s like to run a remote business.
  • Here’s a Facebook Live I recorded myself, answering basic SEO questions.
  • And, finally, an episode of the Freelancers Show podcast where we discussed personal finances for freelancers.

The Reader Question Round-Up