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DaedTech Digest: Muscle Cars, Dark Launches and Logging Basics

Welcome to yet another edition of DaedTech Digest Friday.  I bring this edition to you from a hotel in Detroit instead of an ocean-front condo in San Diego because, as it turns out, I’m insane.

Actually, I’m just doing a quick consultation and codebase assessment for the week.  And coming to Detroit to do that may or may not make me insane.

If you were a reader of this blog last spring and summer, you might remember that I’d left this lifestyle.  Instead of spending 5+ nights per week in hotels and doing high-touch management consulting, I built location independent businesses.  Well, that’s still true, but the consultative end of that does involve occasional and focused travel.

So here I am, having flown for the first time in 9 months (wow), dusting off the traveling lifestyle.  The Marriott I’m staying in has a revamped bathroom with in-shower shampoo dispenses.  But besides that, same old stuff.


  • Going with the travel theme, I’m going to offer a dual pick of Hertz and the Dodge Charger.  Apparently, I still have pretty good status with Hertz because I reserved the cheapest rate for the week and they pointed me out at a group of cars in the “President’s Circle” and said, “go nuts, buddy.”  So I picked out a V8 Dodge Challenger.  Not only is it fast and muscle-car-y, but it handles really well in the snow.
  • Someone I’m working with this week showed me this awesome thing: “ag, the silver searcher.”  It’s like issuing a recursive grep with a regex from the Bash command line, but without the need for any flags, and it’s an order of magnitude faster.  You won’t be sorry.
  • And, finally, a former Google engineer named Michael Lynch posted this, explaining why he quit.  It’s a pretty eye-opening read about how even supposed destination employers have their own Dilbert-esque piles of bureaucratic facepalm.


Have a good weekend, and thanks for reading.

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6 years ago

On the subject of ‘ag’, I actually now prefer ripgrep. Possibly the most blisteringly fast grep at present.

6 years ago

Hell, if I knew you were going to be in Detroit — my hometown — I would’ve steered you away from the Marriott and towards the Detroit Foundation Hotel. Check it out, and move in at once!
Good job on the Charger, though. I don’t know what the “President’s Circle” is, but I do know what a V8 can do for you. In Detroit, in February.

6 years ago
Reply to  Jody

Or in March.