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DaedTech Digest: How Does Settling into a Home Go for Slow Travelers?

Well, I sure didn’t do any blog posts last week, digests or otherwise.  We were hosting some family and, frankly, my life has been pretty busy.  So I’m picking back up from two weeks ago, when I answered the question of whether we’re currently vagabonding, or what.

Today, I’ll answer a question that someone recently asked me in passing while we made small talk.  It’s a subject that I hadn’t really considered, but probably makes sense to talk about.

When You’re Slow Traveling, How Do Furniture and Settling into a New Place Work?

When most people move, it’s probably for a period of a at least a year, given standard leasing practices.  On average, it’s probably a lot longer than that.  So you pack up all of your stuff, emptying out the previous domicile.  And then you take all of that stuff and put it into your new place, which someone else emptied prior to your arrival.

So how does it work for slow travelers?  And how much stuff do we bring with?

Well, as I’ve mentioned previously on this blog, we really don’t bring much stuff with us.  For me, it’s my computers, some clothes, and some odds and ends, like Alexa devices.  Oh, and our cats.  So, to start with, we’re not taking much with us.

Every place we book (through AirBNB or VRBO) is fully furnished, which makes sense, since we aren’t bringing much.  But the place being fully furnished doesn’t mean that it’s perfectly suited for us.

Therefore, when we arrive, the first thing we do is take pictures of all furniture, rugs, decorations, etc.  We want to record how the place was when we came.  Then, since we’re going to be staying for weeks or months, we’ll move things around to our taste, to put them back only upon departure.

The only other thing worth mentioning here is that sometimes we’ll buy stuff on the spot.  A lot of places don’t have a desk adequate for my purposes, so I’ll go buy a foldable table at Walmart.  So to really make it home-away-from-home, we often have a budget of a few hundred bucks per place.

But that’s really all there is to it.

Photos like this aren’t the most fun, but they do show us where everything started:


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And, as always, have yourselves a great weekend.