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DaedTech Digest: Bad Coding Standards and the CRAP Metric

Another Friday, another DaedTech Digest, another recording of me spraying words all over the internet.  Fun times, as always.

Today (Thursday, at the time of writing), I went out to brunch.  This was sort of an accidental thing that happened.  We had someone come clean the condo we’re staying in here in San Diego, and it’s usually easier just to kind of make yourself scarce while that happens.  So we ambled out of our building and into downtown Ocean Beach, to kill time by eating breakfast.

Naturally, I worked while we did this.  My life is this kind of eternal blend of slow travel, work, and enjoyment.  So I sat, laptop open, drinking coffee, eating a “scramble,” and cleaning my inbox.  And, as I did this, it occurred to me how awesome the capability for remote work is.  It’s bled fully into my life over the last year, to the point where brunch on a Thursday is fine, and I take “weekends” when I feel like it.

Now, remote work might not be for everyone all the time.  But, in 2018, with the technology we have, it should be an option for you if you want it.  There’s a big, interesting world out there, and, armed with a laptop, there’s no reason for you to spend it in quiet cubicles or setting at noisy open office benches.


  • That segues into my first pick, which is remote work.  If you have any inkling that you might want it, push hard for it, because it is worth it.
  • Also, this is where I ate.  It was delicious, but, more interestingly, I described it to my wife as “UX epitomized in the meatspace.”  It was like a mid-2000s Apple device or a Cadillac.  No detail was too small to perfect about the food, presentation, decor, or, really, anything.
  • Vlad Bown (with my permission) translated my first expert beginner post into Russian language.  Pretty cool!
  • I’ve just got myself a copy of Typemock’s Isolator and plan to start using it for some code I’m writing for Hit Subscribe metrics gathering.

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