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Are You Changing the Rules of the Road?

Happy Friday, all.  A while back, I announced some changes to the blog, including a partnership with Infragistics, who sponsors me.  Part of my arrangement with them and with a few other outfits (stay tuned for those announcements) is that I now write blog posts for them.  Between writing posts for this blog, writing posts for those blogs, and now writing a book, I’m doing a lot of writing.  So instead of writing Friday’s post late Thursday evening, I’m going to do some work on my book instead and link you to one of my Infragistics posts.

The title is, “Are You Changing the Rules of the Road?”  Please go check it out.  Because they didn’t initially have my headshot and bio, it’s posted under the account “DevToolsGuy,” but it’s clearly me, right down to one of Amanda’s signature drawings there in the post.  I may do this here and there going forward to free up a bit of my time to work on the book.  But wherever the posts reside, they’re still me, and they’re still me writing for the same audience that I always do.





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Geoff Mazeroff
9 years ago

I don’t know if you have any control over the tags on their site, but it’s listed under “news, API, Intellisense”.

Erik Dietrich
9 years ago
Reply to  Geoff Mazeroff

I didn’t pick the tags. I suppose for future posts that I write I could suggest tags or offer up how I would tag something on my site. Honestly, I’ve never been very good at tags. More often than not the most sensible tagging schemes for this blog have been reader suggestions 🙂