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Using Moles with the System Assembly

Short but sweet post tonight, and I’m mostly putting this here for reference. It’s annoyed me a few times, and each time I have to google around until I find something like this stack overflow post.

If you add a moles assembly for System, unlike other framework assemblies, building your test project will blow up spectacularly with too many compiler errors to count. I don’t know all the whys and wherefores, but I do know that it’s easily remedied as hveiras says. You simply change:




in your System.Moles file that’s generated. That’s it.

Philosophically, it seems like a bit of an oversight that this would be necessary, as this never fails to fail out of the box. There may be something I’m missing, but it seems like it’d be nice if this attribute were added by default for the System Assembly. In any case, I (and you) have it here for posterity now, though probably the act of explicitly typing it out has rendered it moot for me, as documenting things usually makes me remember them and not need my documentation… which reminds me – I’m probably about due for a periodic re-reading of one of my all time favorite books.

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