Developer Tips for Sublime Productivity

Editorial note: I originally wrote this post for the Infragistics blog.  You can check out the original here, at their site.  They also have a lot more .NET-oriented content in general and some really nice tools if you want to go check out their site.

The most common term I’ve heard to describe the zoned-in feeling that a developer gets when engrossed in code writing is “flow.”  This seems like a good term to me — it conveys the sudden ease with which technical tasks seem to become complete.  It’s a heady feeling.

But it’s also an elusive feeling.  If you’re a programmer, the corporate work day is essentially a minefield, filled with flow-killing charges everywhere you step.  During the course of my career, I’ve developed a number of tricks to help me spend as much time in this state as possible, and I’ll share some of them with you today.


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