FeedPaper is Born!

As of Thursday, 11/02/12, a baby ASP MVC project named FeedPaper (later to be feedpapyr.us) has arrived. It is healthy and weights 0 pounds and 0 ounces. Both it and I are doing well, and while it does not yet have much in the way of functionality, it does have its father’s logo and some functional unit tests. (As an aside and leaving this strained metaphor, I’ve never really understood why the weight of babies is announced to me as if someone were trying to sell me a ham — what do I care how much anyone weighs? It’s always tempting for me to respond by saying, “big deal – I totally weigh more than that.”)

Anyway, you can find the source for it on Github. As I mentioned in a previous post, the main thing that I’m interested in is getting this thing up and running, so I’m happy to accept pull requests, suggestions, help, and anything else you’re willing to offer. The plan is to get it going as a website and then perhaps later port the presentation portion of it to phone/tablet implementations as well. But, no sense putting the cart before the horse — I have to figure out ASP MVC 4 first.

So, look for sporadic work on this when I have time and feel like tinkering and am not working on home automation with Java and MongoDB. I will also make posts here and there about lessons I learn as I ham-fist my way through it, talking about my experiences with the frameworks and toolsets involved. Also, in general, I’m looking for the best options for hosting the site, so suggestions are welcome (should I try out Azure, go a more traditional route, etc).