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SVN Global Ignore

This morning, I was adding a playpen I’d created of an enormous project to subversion. In my playpen, I was only editing a handful of .cs files, but I wanted to add all .cs files to my little repository. What I didn’t want to add were, obviously, outputs of the project, but other stuff that is sourced controlled in that project, like various media files and other space-suckers.

My first thought was to impose ignores on the individual directories, manually adding things to the ignore list, but that’s incredibly cumbersome in a project of this size. At this point, I remembered the SVN global ignore settings where I can have the shell simply omit stuff in my add window and show it as ignored in explorer windows (MS Windows, here, obviously).

To access it, rick click anywhere and go to TortoiseSVN->Settings. You’ll see the following, and circled is what you want to edit:

You can put extensions here with wildcards and you can, as I did, put the names of directories in here (such as bin, debug, release, etc). Once you put these in, they will be ignored by default and they will not appear in the “add” window of tortoise. You can still add them — this does not supersede actual source control. You just have to do it manually.