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Standards Organizations Illustrated

I’m on the road this week, and typing this wearily at about 11:30 PM from a Marriott. In addition to traveling, I’m finishing up a pretty blistering stretch of work for a variety of clients, so suffice it to say my bandwidth for composing posts is rather limited.

Because of that, and because 3 of the last 4 posts I’ve made have gotten massive influxes of traffic and generated a lot of comments, I’m going light-touch here today, both in terms of effort and tone. This is my first foray into comics. I claim responsibility for the words and concepts but not the illustration. That is the work of my wife who is, by the way, a now full-time freelancer, specializing in edits and design.

So please enjoy this cartoon representation of what standards organizations seem like to me: a maniacally impatient tinkerer with a bureaucracy tolerance level that asymptotically approaches zero.

Standards Organizations Illustrated