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What Now?

Since you’ve found this page, you’re most likely coming from a read of Developer Hegemony.  You’re looking for what comes next.

Eventually, I’m going to start offering courses and additional materials to help you realize the vision I laid out in that book.  How do you learn to consult and operate as an efficiencer, rather than a subordinate task completer?  How do you get a business practice off the ground?  That kind of thing.

Since I haven’t decided yet on what I’d like to start offering and how I’d like to offer it, I’d love your feedback.  Please feel free to send an email with ideas for what you’d like to see from me that you’d find valuable enough to buy.

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Join the Group!

For now, I’ve created a Developer Hegemony Facebook group. To join that, click here to go to the Facebook group and ask to join.    You can also friend me and ask me to invite you.  Either way works for me.

That will remain active, and I’d love to see you join and ask questions or offer feedback.  This is a complex topic and nobody’s going to figure it out alone.

Beyond that, please stay tuned.  You can sign up for my mailing list or continue to follow me and/or DaedTech for announcements about new offerings, communities, and other information.