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Executive and Strategy Consulting

Over the years, I have worked with many software delivery teams from all angles.  I have been a team member, a team lead, an architect, a line manager, an executive, a coach and a consultant.  Having worked with dozens of organizations, not much is truly new to me.  I leverage all of that experience into my IT executive and strategy consulting practice.

That sounds pretty generic, so what does it mean?  At the core of it, I’m describing gap analysis. I come in, size up inefficiencies in your group, and help eliminate them, using a data-based approach rooted in solid business cases.  Any software development practice worth its salt should yield measurable ROI, and I can help lay that out for you to work past the looming threat of missed milestones and budget overruns.

Specifically, I can help with activities that include (but are not limited to) the following.

  • I can conduct targeted or general code reviews/audits along with a detailed road map for improvement.
  • I can implement force multipliers related to your application life-cycle management, such as setting up continuous deployment.
  • I can provide one-on-one and team-based learning time with your developers to help improve software practice via disciplines like test driven development (TDD), tech debt reducing refactoring, and continuous integration.
  • I can create codecasts where I walk through a targeted refactoring of your codebase on video, narrating what I’m doing and why.
  • I can identify gaps in your day-to-day process and supply solutions to eliminate them.
  • I can help you with your interview process, either by giving suggestions to improve it or by conducting the process with or for you.

Clients of mine, past and present, include

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  • 4DLogo[1]
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  • flagstar-bank
  • mjis